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  • zentauroepp40459780 a man holds a banner which reads together we are stronger 171008183702
  • zentauroepp40463578 barcelona 08 10 2017 pol tica manifestaci n unionista en 171008183906
  • zentauroepp40461174 171008183652
  • zentauroepp40459552 demonstrators shout slogans some of them holding a banner r171008183714
  • zentauroepp40463583 barcelona 08 10 2017 politica manifestacion unionista en l171008192244
  • zentauroepp40462813 protesters hold spanish flags during a demonstration called 171008183746
  • zentauroepp40462653 a man shakes hands with a spanish policeman during a demonst171008183734
  • zentauroepp40461758 protesters wave spanish flags from a balcony during a demons171008183625
  • zentauroepp40460696 a banner is held up reading 155 now in reference to a prov171008183640
  • zentauroepp40463670 barcelona 08 10 2017 politica manifestacion unionista en l171008183504
  • zentauroepp40460793 a man holds up a sign which reads as spanish as the flag a171008183605
  • zentauroepp40461366 a man holds up a banner in the form of a bull reading i am 171008183453
  • zentauroepp40463660 barcelona 08 10 2017 politica manifestacion unionista en l171008183513
  • zentauroepp40462047 gra186 barcelona catalu a 8 10 2017 vista de la manifesta171008183352
  • zentauroepp40462134 a spanish police officer speaks with a demonstrator during a171008183403


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